Cummins engine

Labor cost to overhaul or rebuild engines is becoming higher, but also too expensive to buy an original new engine. Moreover, environmental protection requested on imported engines is very strict now, and it will be very expensive to purchase an electronic injection engine meeting environment request.

 As famous supplier to solve engine problems, offers engines to clients, which is a best choice to solve all above problems. Now can offer 4B3.9, 6B5.9, 6C8.3, 6L8.9, QSB6.7(ISB6.7) etc. for engine, long block, short block and overhaul kit, with a reasonable price and best quality.

 At the same time, we can offer original Cummins engines for 4B3.9, 6B5.9, 6C8.3 if you are interested.

 Bare engines can be used for construction, agriculture, genset, marine propulsion, auto, truck and so on.

Compared with engine kit, bare engine has no fuel system, air intake & air exhaust system, turbo, flywheel and housing, fan, fan belt and tensioner, starter and alternator. But if you need any of these accessories to be included, we can quote separately.


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